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Ep.102: What Google Said About Plastic Surgeons

Beauty and the Biz

How to get more cosmetic patients:

Google is saying what we’ve been saying for years on the top ways to attract and retain more cosmetic patients.

Catherine shares the top 6 ways to do this. Solid advice that’s helped dozens of practices reach their goals.

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I meet with my team every week to go over our numbers to ensure we’re on track. And of course, I highly recommend you do the same. And I wasn’t very happy with the results. Apparently, our organic reach and advertising results on Facebook and Instagram , they just decreased significantly for no big reason. Now it has something to do with the iOS update, and the no more iPhone tracking, which could be half or more of your audience, depending on where you live. And Google AdWords will also start restricting their audiences. Now these big guys are making it way more difficult for you to reach new prospective patients.

Now, if plastic surgeons can’t advertise to consumers, how the heck are you supposed to grow your practice? Right? So to find the answer for you, I did what I always do, I Googled it. And I Googled How do I get more cosmetic patients. Now, they listed six ways, and I happen to have an autopilot system that addresses four of them. So please check it out at

So, here are the six ways in more detail. Number one, get more reviews. Since Google owns the planet, I recommend you focus on Google reviews. Now Google wants the reviews to provide useful, constructive feedback that’s detailed, specific and honest. Now the secret to reviews is the timing. Ask for your reviews when the patient is ecstatic with their results and with you. And then help them help you provide them with starter sentences to complete since a good review tells a full story for example, I wanted to improve blank because blank, I chose Dr. Smith because blank. My experience with the doctor in the staff was blank. And then how I feel about my result now is blank.

Here’s number two enhance your online presence. websites have evolved through the years, they look so different than they used to. So be sure yours has a fresh updated look. And it must be mobile friendly. Now include social media buttons, so patients get to know you better, and show off your skill with lots of before and after photos and videos of FAQs. For each procedure. Add fresh, updated content to as many different platforms as possible to increase your footprint on the internet.

And here’s number three, don’t miss out on the social media platforms. You may not understand social media or want to put your time there, but it’s become an absolute must have patient attraction channel to attract new patients. Now I recommend you assign a staff person or hire someone specifically to follow you around with an iPhone or iPad and record you doing the life of a plastic surgeon. And when you partner with me, we happen to provide you with regular social media content about the kiss club that patients love to comment on and share with their friends.

Now here’s number four, positive or negative respond to reviews, you are bound to get some bad reviews, setting expectations so the patient hears you is a tough job, but it is part of doing business. Your best approach is to respond quickly. Stay professional and apologize for the situation, not for the work you’ve done and offer to talk it over since your overall goal is patient satisfaction.

And here’s number five, train your staff. I’ve spent years beating this drum, your staff will make or break your practice. So please get the right people on the bus. Get them in the right seats, give them the training they need to succeed and hold them accountable. Your receptionist must have the skills to present you as the best choice for the caller who has many options. answers the question, How much is it so the caller to move forward to booking the appointment, and they’ve got to be able to convert the caller to a booked appointment. Your coordinator must have the skills to understand the patient’s true wants and needs, how to handle a patient who wants to negotiate, and then how to professionally convert a consultation to pay procedure.

Please visit my website, for other details.

And the sixth way to get more patients per Google is number six, build strong relations with existing patients and referrals will follow. It changes everything when you have a patient’s for life mindset. When you see your patients as friends and family and treat them with respect, they grow your practice for you. As Maya Angelou says they won’t remember what you told them. They won’t remember what you showed them but they will remember how you make them feel. Isn’t that the truth.

So please make your patients feel important, wanted and appreciated. These happy patients will be your patients for decades and return for more. As the aging process continues. They’ll refer their family members and friends who will then refer their family members and friends, and so on and so on. The KiSS Loyalty Club addresses four of the six ways Google suggests for you to get more cosmetic patients. So please check it out at

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