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Build a Cosmetic Practice Flywheel

The practices that win leverage their resources better than their competitors, and they do that by creating a cosmetic practice flywheel.

The term “flywheel” is used in business to describe a self-reinforcing system that, once set in motion, builds momentum, and drives your success.

So once the fundamentals are in place and the flywheel is spinning, you simply monitor it to ensure all pieces are working together to effortlessly and continuously produce results.

The cosmetic practice flywheel is your automatic cosmetic patient attraction and conversion machine that, once in motion, will continue to produce new patients and revenues with minimum effort.

When done right, one patient become 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, 8 becomes 16 and it compounds again and again, without crazy ad budgets or dancing on TikTok.

What are the Key Marketing Strategies that make up the Cosmetic Practice Flywheel?

Online Presence/Branding

Prospective patients use search engines to research procedures before booking. Build a strong online presence to build your brand and boost visibility via an update website design, excellent SEO practices so google ranks you, as well as social media management to reach more prospects and actively engage them.

Lead Generation

Truly effective marketing doesn’t come across as salesy or fake. It feels natural and provides real value. Publishing great content that educates and reassures potential patients builds trust and draws them to your practice.

Smart ways to create leads is with educational blog posts and videos that cover specific procedures and address common patient concerns. Become an informative resource.

Convert Callers to Booked Appointments

Your front desk staff must be able to book callers to appointments. The person who picked up the phone and called you is a hot lead. They could have used your chatbot or filled out your form or direct messaged you on social media, but they didn’t. They went the extra step to call you directly. Be sure your front desk staff are professionally trained to bond with the caller, position you as the best choice, qualify the caller and ask for the appointment!

Converting Consultations to Booked Surgeries

Your patient coordinator plays a huge role in your practice’s success. This is where money exchanges hands. Since none of your efforts count until the patient says yes to surgery, it is vital they have the people skills and training to help patients move forward to a decision.

Follow Up

Consistent follow up to win over the prospective patient is only one part of the process. If you let a patient leave from the consultation without making a decision, it’s crucial you follow up to get them to the finish line.

But it’s just as important to follow up on post-op patients to ensure they are comfortable during recovery. Caring follow up builds trust and satisfaction and solidifies lifelong ambassadors to your practice, while driving referrals to your practice year after year.

  • Before-and-After Photos – A picture is worth a thousand words so showcasing transformational before-and-after photos of patients is a compelling and organic way to prove your skills.
  • Reviews – Think of online reviews as free billboard marketing. Thousands of online consumers read about your patients’ experience and results. Be sure it’s all positive.
  • Referrals – Third-party endorsements significantly increase your credibility. Make it a priority to encourage satisfied patients to refer their friends and thank them for their support.
  • Patient Retention It will always be faster, cheaper and easier to retain patients than spent more time, money and effort attracting new ones. Loyalty programs, patient appreciation events and VIP status make your patients feel valued and that grows their loyalty to you.

When you focus and monitor these few key metrics and track results regularly, you now enjoy a profitable cosmetic practice flywheel that churns out patients and profits continuously. I can help you set up your own flywheel. You have some of it working already, but let’s set up the rest so you have a smooth-running, revenue-producing asset. Click Here to Schedule a call with me.

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