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Choosing the Right Add-On Cosmetic Services

You’re thinking about adding on additional cosmetic rejuvenation services to your practice, but choosing the right add-on service is tricky for lots of reasons.

The challenge is the insane amount of services and technologies to choose from is a big one.

As the demand for “Looking Good and Feeling Great” continues to grow, so does the supply of solutions. That is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Because psychologically, we humans love NEW. Your patients love new ways to rejuvenate, especially if it’s faster, cheaper, pain-free, and includes better results.

Tips to Choose the Right Add-On Cosmetic Services for Your Practice

And, you love adding a new service because of the anticipation of it solving all your problems. Like attracting new patients to grow your revenues. You feel the excitement of this technology being a game changer and the solution you’ve been looking for to shake things up…especially your revenues.

add on cosmetic services

However, did the last product you bought or service you introduced rock your world? Did a new stream of patients clamor for it, fill up your schedule, along with your bank account?

If not, this will be helpful. So, before you go on your next buying spree, consider this before investing in your next Holy Grail solution.

How Will You Position These New Services?

Oftentimes, when you bring a new service on board, it makes your current service obsolete. So, you, either have to keep both or encourage your current patients to upgrade, even though some won’t appreciate the change, especially if there’s a price increase.

Depending on how competitive a marketplace you practice in, is there a way for you to be “first to market” to grab the public and the media’s attention to promote it?

Just know that exposure will be very short-lived since your competitors will jump on board, as the salespeople promote it to them, but it could be worth it as long as there are no complications that produce negative PR.

Is there any way you can niche it to build awareness? For example, can this new service solve a common problem for a specific group of consumers such as new moms or women over 40?

The point is to stand out by offering something your competitors can’t, won’t or don’t so be creative.

target market - add on cosmetic services

Who’s Your Target Market?

You (or the salesperson) may have an itch to invest in a product to attract a new patient segment of the market. Please don’t. It takes a massive amount of time, money, energy and patience to switch gears and go after a whole new target market.

For example, let’s say the majority of your patients are females who want body work and now you want to attract men with balding issues. To do it right, you need to set up a new website for men, collect before/after photos, reviews and testimonials from men. You need to advertise where men go for information and make it comfortable for men to visit you and on and on.

A faster, cheaper and easier strategy is to look at your current demographics who give you money already and find another pain point they have. This way, you’re not starting from scratch.

For example, you do a lot of facelifts on women OVER 50, so offer non-surgical facelifts using filler and skin tightening for women UNDER 50.

This way, you build that relationship now so they naturally “upgrade” to a facelift with you when it’s time. You can even promote it to the OVER 50 segment as an excellent way to keep their facelift looking fantastic. That’s how you increase the lifetime value of your patients without breaking the bank.

How Are You Going to Market These New Add on Cosmetic Services?

Consumer awareness and education costs a fortune so leave that to the big pharma and tech companies who have massive ad budgets. Or better yet, use all of their resources and negotiate a marketing budget for them to help you market their products.

Unless you are willing to outspend your competitors to market this new service to the general public, start out easy. Promote this is as a grass roots effort to patients who already know you and who have friends who could know you too.

Free or inexpensive marketing channels include emailing your patient list, posting on social media, uploading short FAQs videos as IG Reels and YouTube Shorts.

And, survey your patient list BEFORE buying it. Use SurveyMonkey to email your list and ask them if they have interest, what price point makes sense to them, and would they like to be added to your waiting list, so they are the first to be notified.

Start a waiting list in your office as well so you can hit the ground running with patients who want this new service when it arrives.

Other Important Considerations

From a business perspective, consider the space it takes up, consumables, maintenance, average time of treatment, learning curve for your staff and the ongoing training you’ll be provided.

So, as long as these new add on cosmetic services become a profitable revenue stream taken into account all the variables above, and your patients love their results, go for it.  Otherwise, just get better at what you already offer so your patients return for more, refer their friends and give you a great. review.

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